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About company

"DWM-Coatings (Deco.Wood.Metal. - Coatings): introduction and promotion of coatings for Deco, Wood, Metal".

Services portfolio intended for:

- manufacturers of paints, adhesives, equipment, sanding and accompanying materials;

- consumers of coatings in woodworking , deco, metalworking in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova.

The portfolio of services includes:

Audit. Consulting. Support:

- accompaniment on a permanent basis (the function of representation on terms of outsourcing)

- market analysis and business;

- commercial audit;

- crisis management;

- search for a partner and support the negotiation process;

- technical support 24/7 CIS.

On-line services:

- technical Library;

- market News.

Education - service for painters and painting materials technologists in:

- woodworking;

- metalworking;

- body Repair;

- deco.

Recruiting: assessment and selection of technical personnel.

Production: production of mobile and stationary samples.