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How did I get here?
The first task, which was delivered we did. You do not need to spend time on it.

Why am I here?

I need to improve the efficiency of the company and get the opportunity release the appropriate institutional, financial and human resources. I need to focus on the core business and the development of new directions.
Outsourcing will give me:
1. Cost Reduction
- To reduce costs and improve their control;
- Abolish the additional cost of vacation and sick leave;
- Abolish the payroll taxes for staff;
- Reduce the time and resources to organize workplaces of employees;
- Simplify financial planning.

2. Increase the speed and quality
- Increase the quality and speed of delivery of products and services through the use of specialized experience of the Executor;
- Will the use of specialized equipment, knowledge, technology and highly skilled staff of the Executor for the effective achievement of the objectives;
- Focus on your core business purposes;
- Use competition in the market. Executor interested to perform the work quickly, efficiently and timely - is its main business.

3. Risk Reduction
- Divide the risks with the Executor. Company Executive, as a rule, has spent the scheme to reduce the risks in this area.
- Reduce the time and expense of retaining staff, searching for new staff, training and motivation - Executor takes these risks themselves.
- Decide problems associated with key staff in the department / project
- Pay for the result, and not for the time a particular employee or department.


What can they give me?
You will be given what you want to take.